Thursday, 21 April 2016

Summary - Cooking is Fun

Adelia and Mohammad, in year 10 ESL, wrote great summaries. Brilliant work (!!!).

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Adelia's summary
If they learn how to cook

If young children learn how to cook they will develop team skills and learn to appreciate each individual’s contribution. Also if children cook they will have a better diet and the benefit from that is good health for the rest of their lives. Maybe in the future the children will decide to follow a career related to cooking. This means that the industry will grow all over the world. It also shows that friendships are established between cooking for young children. When children who don’t like certain foods, begin cooking for themselves, they enjoy dishes that they would not previously have eaten.

Mohammad's Summary
Cooking is fun for young people

When children cook they try new ways and recipes of cooking nutritious food. They even could start adding vegetables in some of their meals which they need to get enough vitamins and minerals which can help with their growth and could prevent some diseases. It is believed that if children cook their own food they have a higher chance of finishing it all. in addition this skill will stay with them forever if they learn it when they are young and some of them might take it further and open a restaurant and make a living. It’s even a great way to get the family together and have fun.

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