Thursday, 21 April 2016

Feature Article - The use of your mobile phones in my country

Are you a mobile phone user? Compared to the past, we can see that in today’s society technology is replacing jobs and this is affecting people’s lives. Mobile phones are quickly spreading everywhere around the world. They allow us to access many things such as banking and are much easier and quicker to use when doing business. It’s easy to reach out to others. However, there are also some drawbacks.

There are many advantages to using mobile phones. It is a small device that people can easily carryit around. When people are far away from their friends and families they can easily contact each other and it’s relatively cheap. Mobile phones can improve our knowledge by allowing us to search for information. For example, in rural areas, farmers and fishermen can check the market price before travelling to the place. Students can use it to access learning resources and be up to date with current situations.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. It is easy to get disturbed by text messages and social media. People can become addicted to using mobile phones so they forget about people around them. Many people, particularly adolescents, feel that without mobile phones they are lonely. In addition, owning a mobile phone can cost a huge amount of money and after purchasing a mobile phone, people have to pay for extra things such as Internet, SMS and accessories.

In conclusion, mobile phones have changed the lives of humans all around the world. In the beginning, mobile phones were heavy, large and too expensive. As time went by, mobile phones got lighter, smaller and cheaper. However, people, especially teenagers need to be careful when using mobile phones because mobile phones can consume people’s lives.

Natasha Sakjiraphong (IB1)

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