Thursday, 21 April 2016

Buiding cell tower in community - letter to company

12/1 Birmingham Rd. 
Vanesia Therodore, Donicia.

4th February 4, 2016

Dear Ms. Alixa,

I am writing this letter to ask you to carefully consider building a cell tower in our community. The community is located in the midst of a valley where the signal is very unstable and unreliable. Everybody in the community is able to afford mobile phones but the problem is there is no adequate signal available in the area.

If your company built a cell tower in our community, both the community and your company would benefit. The signal will provide us with business opportunities and better access to education and healthcare. For example, people in our community would be able to use mobile phone to get access to essential information like market prices for example. Once farmers have the access in market prices, they would know where they should sell their products to gain more profit. We can use this money to construct new schools and roads. Moreover, signals will allow us to contact school teachers and professional doctors in case of emergency. Therefore, our community’s standard of living will increase as we have better healthcare and education for our population.

Your company would also benefit.There will be few providers competing with you. So it is a good chance to penetrate into new markets and gain more profit. Another advantage is that there is lots of plain flat land in the area and the installation cost will be affordable. This would be a great chance for your company to make your company reputation even bigger.

I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you for your understanding,

Yours sincerely,

Rosanun Silairat (IB1)

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